Notification related to NGST Rules & Amendments
Sl No Subject Centre s Notification No. & Date State Notification No & Date State Notification Issued by
74 NGST Rules (70th Amendment) 2/2024-Central Tax, dt 05-01-2024 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/266 dated 5th Jan,2024 Finance Department
73 NGST Rules (69th Amendment) 52/2023-Central Tax, dt 26-10-2023 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/261 dated 26th Oct,2023 Finance Department
72 NGST Rules (68th Amendment) 51/2023-Central Tax, dt 29-09-2023 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/249 dated 29th Sept,2023 Finance Department
71 NGST Rules (67th Amendment) 38/2023-Central Tax, dt 04-08-2023 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/243 dated 4th Aug,2023 Finance Department
70 NGST Rules (66th Amendment) 26/2022-Central Tax, dt 26-12-2022 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/190 dated 26th Dec,2022 Finance Department
68 NGST Rules (65th Amendment) 24/2022-Central Tax, dt 23-11-2022 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/189 dated 23rd Nov,2022 Finance Department
67 NGST Rules (64th Amendment) 22/2022-Central Tax, dt 15-11-2022 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/187 dated 15th Nov,2022 Finance Department
66 NGST Rules (63rd Amendment) 19/2022-Central Tax, dt 28-09-2022 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/171 dated 28th Sept,2022 Finance Department
65 NGST Rules (62nd Amendment) 14/2022-Central Tax, dt 05-07-2022 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/150 dated 5th July,2022 Finance Department
64 NGST Rules (61st Amendment) 40/2021-Central Tax, dt 29-12-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/119 dated 29th Dec 2021 Finance Department
63 NGST Rules (60th Amendment) 37/2021-Central Tax, dt 01-12-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/113 dated 1st Dec 2021 Finance Department
62 NGST Rules (59th Amendment) 35/2021-Central Tax, dt 24-09-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/92  dated 24th Sept,2021 Finance Department
61 NGST Rules (58th Amendment) 32/2021-Central Tax, dt 29-08-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/84  dated 29th Aug,2021 Finance Department
60 NGST Rules (57th Amendment) 30/2021-Central Tax, dt 30-07-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/81 dated 30th July,2021 Finance Department
59 NGST Rules (56th Amendment) 27/2021-Central Tax, dt 01-06-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/69 dated 1st June,2021 Finance Department
58 NGST Rules (55th Amendment) 15/2021-Central Tax, dt 18-05-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/60 dated 18th May,2021 Finance Department
57 NGST Rules (54th Amendment) 13/2021-Central Tax, dt 01-05-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/52 dated 1st May,2021 Finance Department
56 NGST Rules (53rd Amendment) 07/2021-Central Tax, dt 27-04-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/48 dated 27 April,2021 Finance Department
55 NGST Rules (52nd Amendment) 01/2021-Central Tax, dt 01-01-2021 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/34 dated 1st Jan,2021 Finance Department
54 NGST Rules (51st Amendment) 94/2020-Central Tax, dt 28-12-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/33 dated 28th  Dec,2020 Finance Department
53 NGST Rules (50th Amendment) 82/2020-Central Tax, dt 10-11-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/21 dated 10th  Nov,2020 Finance Department
52 NGST Rules (49th Amendment) 79/2020-Central Tax, dt 15-10-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/9 dated 15th  Oct,2020 Finance Department
51 NGST Rules (48th Amendment) 72/2020-Central Tax, dt 01-10-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/172 dated 1st Oct,2020 Finance Department
50 NGST Rules (47th Amendment) 62/2020-Central Tax, dt 30-07-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/144 dated 20th Aug,2020 Finance Department
49 NGST Rules (46th Amendment) 60/2020-Central Tax, dt 30-07-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/142 dated 30th July,2020 Finance Department
48 NGST Rules (45th Amendment) 58/2020-Central Tax, dt 01-07-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/135 dated 1st July,2020 Finance Department
47 NGST Rules (44th Amendment) 50/2020-Central Tax, dt 25-06-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/131 dated 25th June ,2020 Finance Department
46 NGST Rules (43rd Amendment) 48/2020-Central Tax, dt 19-06-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.II)/128 dated 19th June ,2020 Finance Department
45 NGST Rules (42nd Amendment) 38/2020-Central Tax, dt 05-05-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/104 dated 5th May ,2020 Finance Department
44 NGST Rules (41st Amendment) 30/2020-Central Tax, dt 03-04-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/74 dated 3rd Apr,2020 Finance Department
43 NGST Rules (40th Amendment) 16/2020-Central Tax, dt 23-03-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/67 dated 23rd Mar,2020 Finance Department
42 NGST Rules (39th Amendment) 08/2020-Central Tax, dt 02-03-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/42 dated 2nd  Mar,2020 Finance Department
41 NGST Rules (38th Amendment) 02/2020-Central Tax, dt 01-01-2020 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/19 dated 1st Jan,2020 Finance Department
40 NGST Rules (37th Amendment) 75/2019-Central Tax, dt 26-12-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/14 dated 26th Dec,2019 Finance Department
39 NGST Rules (36th Amendment) 68/2019-Central Tax, dt 13-12-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/08 dated 13th Dec,2019 Finance Department
38 NGST Rules (35th Amendment) 56/2019-Central Tax, dt 14-11-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/288 dated 14th Nov,2019 Finance Department
37 NGST Rules (34th Amendment) 49/2019-Central Tax, dt 09-10-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/254 dated 9th Oct,2019 Finance Department
36 NGST Rules (33rd Amendment) 33/2019-Central Tax, dt 18-07-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/187 dated 18th July,2019 Finance Department
35 NGST Rules (32nd Amendment) 31/2019-Central Tax, dt 28-06-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/170 dated 29th June,2019 Finance Department
34 NGST Rules (31st Amendment) 20/2019-Central Tax, dt 23-04-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/122 dated 23rd April,2019 Finance Department
33 NGST Rules (30th Amendment) 16/2019-Central Tax, dt 29-03-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/118 dated 29th  Mar,2019 Finance Department
32 NGST Rules (29th Amendment) 03/2019-Central Tax, dt 29-01-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/41  dated 29th Jan  ,2019 Finance Department

NGST Rules(28th amendment)

74/2018-Central Tax, dt 31-12-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/12 dated 31st Dec,2018 Finance Department

Corrigendum (27th Amendment)

Corrigendum to  03/2019-Central Tax, dt 12-11-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/304  dated 12th Nov,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(27th amendment)

60/2018-Central Tax, dt 29-01-2019 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/298 dated 30th Oct,2018 Finance Department

Corrigendum to NGST Rules (2nd Amendment)

  F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/280 dated 9th  Oct,2018 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(26th amendment)

54/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 09-10-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/282 dated 9th Oct,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(25th amendment):

53/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 09-10-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/281 dated 9th Oct,2018 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(24th amendment)

49/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 13-09-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/260 dated 13th Sept,2018 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(23rd amendment):

48/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 10-09-2018

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/259 dated 10th Sept,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(22nd amendment):

39/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 04-09-2018

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/257 dated 4th Sept,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(21st amendment)

29/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 06-07-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/188 dated 6th July,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(20th amendment)

28/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 19-06-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/179  dated 19th June,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(19th amendment)

26/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 13-06-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)(Vol.1)/172 dated 13th June,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(18th amendment)

21/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 18-04-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/128 dated 18th April,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(17th amendment)

14/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 23-03-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/99 dated 23rd Mar,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(16th amendment)

12/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 07-03-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/78 dated 7th Mar,2018 Finance Department

NGST Rules(15th amendment)

03/2018-Central Tax ,dt. 23-01-2018 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/43 dated 25th Jan'18 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(14th amendment)

75/2017-Central Tax ,dt. 29-12-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/15 dated 29th Dec'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(13th amendment):

70/2017-Central Tax ,dt. 21-12-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/16 dated 21st Dec '17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(12th amendment):

55/2017-Central Tax ,dt. 15-11-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/103 dated 28th Nov'17 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(11th amendment):

51/2017-Central Tax ,dt. 28-10-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/95 dated 28th Nov'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(10th amendment):

47/2017-Central Tax ,dt. 18-10-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/57 dated 26th Oct'17 Finance Department

 NGST Rules(9th amendment):

45/2017-Central Tax,dt. 13-10-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/56 dated 26th Oct'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(8th amendment)

36/2017-Central Tax,dt. 29-09-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/37 dated 26th Oct'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(7th amendment)

34/2017-Central Tax,dt. 15-09-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/477 dated 27th Sept'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(6th amendment)-e-Waybill

27/2017-Central Tax,dt. 30-08-2017

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/466 dated 14th Sept'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules 2017(5th Amendment)

No. 22/2017 Central Tax Dt. 17-08-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/423 dated 17th Aug'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules 2017(4th Amendment)

17/2017-Central Tax,dt. 27-07-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)/403 dated 1st Aug'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules 2017(3rd Amendment)(Chapter XVII-XIX)

15/2017-Central Tax,dt. 01-07-2017

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)"X" dated 6th July'17 Finance Department

 NGST Rules 2017(2nd Amendment)(Chapter IV-XVI)

10/2017-Central Tax,dt. 28-06-2017

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)"B" dated 30th June'17 Finance Department

 NGST Rules 2017(1st Amendment)

07/2017-Central Tax,dt. 27-06-2017 F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1)"A" dated 30th June'17 Finance Department

NGST Rules(Chapter I-III)

03/2017-Central Tax,dt. 19-06-2017

F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/1/08(Pt-1) dated 27th June'17 Finance Department