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Sl No Subject Circular No Issued by
1 Clarifications regarding filling up of application for revocation of cancellation of registration in terms of removal of difficulty order (RoD) number 05/2019 central tax dated 23.04.2019 06/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
2 Clarifications in respect of utlisation of ITC under GST 05/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
3 Clarification regarding exercise of option to pay tax under Notification No F.NO.FIN/REV-3/GST/I/08 (Pt-I) (Vol 1) /78 , dated 7th March ,2019 04/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
4 Clarifications in respect of trsnafer of ITC in case of death of sole propreitor 03/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
5 Verification of application for grant of new registration 02/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
6 Clarifications on refund related issues under GST 01/2019-GST Government of Nagaland
7 Clarifications on various doubts related to treatment of Sales Promotion Scheme under GST 92/11/2019 CBIC
8 Clarification regarding tax payment made for supply of Warehpoused goods whiel being deposited in a custom bonded warehouse for the period July,2017 to Mar,2018 91/10/2019 CBIC
9 Compliance of Rule 46(n) of CGSt Tules,2017 while issuing invoice of Inter-State Supplies 90/09/2019 CBIC
10 Mentioning details if Inter-State Supplies made to Unregistered persons in Table 3.2 of Form GSTR 3B and Table 7B in Form GSTR-1 89/08/2019 CBIC
11 Chages in circulars issued under the CGSt Act,2017 88/07/2019 CBIC
12 GST on services of BF or a BC to banking Comapny-reg 86/05/2019 CBIC
13 Clarification on GST rate on supply of food 7 beverage services by EI-reg 85/04/2019 CBIC
14 Clarification of printing of pictures covered under 998386-reg 84/03/2019 CBIC
15 Applicability of GST on ADB & IFC-reg 83/02/2019 CBIC
16 Aapplicability of GST on programmes conducted by IIMs-reg 82/01/2019 CBIC