Amendments Under  VAT
Year Sl No Subject Date Issued by
2015 1 New Rate of Tax under VAT wef 1st Aug,2015 16th July,2015 Finance Department
Increase in Rate of Tax on Sales, by or to the CSD wef 1st Aug,2015 16th July,2015 Finance Department
2013 3 Deletion of Sl no 351 ( All Processed Fruits, Vegetables etc) in Schedule IV 2nd Dec,2013  Finance Department
2011 4 Exemptions  for Onion, Garlic and Ginger 23rd May,2011 Finance Department
5 Change in Rate of Tax   from 4 to 4.75% except declared Goods 18th March,2011 Finance Department
2009 6 New entry after sl no 78(RGGVY) in VAT Schedule I 18 Nov ,2009 Finance Department
7 Procedure for deduction of VAT  on Works contract 12 May ,2009 Finance Department
8 Amendment in Nagaland VAT Rules,2005 18 Feb ,2009 Finance Department
2008 9 Amendment in   Schedule I , IV, V 12 Dec,2008 Finance Department
10 New entry in   Schedule  V after sl no 153 (All tobacco and tobacco products other than unmanufactured tobacco, bidis and tobacco used in the manufacture of bidis) 1st May,2008 Finance Department
11 New entry in  Schedule   IV after Sl no 350 (All Processed fruits,vegetables etc including Jams,elly pickle, fruit squash, paste, fruit drink and fruit juice (whether in sealed containers or otherwise) May,2008 Finance Department
2007 12 Amendment in   Schedule  IV   Sl no 122(CFL) 13th June,2007 Finance Department
13 Amendment in   Schedule  IV  Sl no 33-Coal Tar 22 May,2007 Finance Department
2005 14 Amendment in Schedule I  Sl no 35-Human Blood and Blood Plasma 1st Dec,2005 Finance Department