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Invalid C form dated 27th July 2022    new

Invalid C form dated 25th July 2022    new

Invalid C form dated 6th July'22    new

Invalid C form dated 5th July'22    new

Invalid C form dated 20th June,2022    new

Invalid C form dated 31st May'22    new

Office memorandum dated 21st April,2022 regarding TCC Issuance with New Format    new

Office Memorandum on Professions Tax Registration & Enrolment    new

Office Memorandum on GST refund under Works contract    new

Public Notice on Professions Tax    new

Corrigendum to Notification on Invalid C form dated 12th Nov'21    new

Reduction of VAT on Petrol and Diesel wef 4th Nov,2021     new

Circular dated 29th Sept'21 on Profession Tax new

Appointment of Appellate Authority under GST for Nagaland    new

Office memorandum with repect to temporary relaxation for Department of Health and Family welfarenew

Circular dated 27th May,2021 related to COVID-19     new

Appointment of State Nodal Authority for grant of adhoc exemption as per order 4 of 2021-customs    new

Updated rate of Tax for Petrol & Other Motor Spirit and Diesel wef 22nd Feb,2021 midnight     new

Order dated 7th May,2021     new

Circular dated 28th January,2021     new

Circular dated 14th Dec,2020 on Profession Tax     new

Special Window to Promote GST Compliance by Contractor & Suppliers executing Works/Supplies for Government Departments and Undertakings     new

NPSC Notification on Departmental Exam     new

Notification dated 27th January,2021     new

Notification on Revocation of Cess for Petrol & Other Motor Spirit and Diesel wef 24th Sept,2020 midnight     new

Office memoramdum dated 16th Sept,2020 related to Tax Clearance Certificate(TCC)     new

Circular on Clarification regarding issuance of TCC    

Office Order on Tax Clearance Certificate(TCC) application through mail or whatsapp    
Covid19 Cess on Petrol & Other Motor Spirit and Diesel wef 28th April,2020 midnight    
List of GSTPs enrolled as Sales Tax Practioner and Tax Return preparer under GST    

Office Memorandum on Tax Clearance Certificate for Contractor and Suppliers    

Advertisement on Examination for Confirmation of Enrolment of GST Practitioners    

Office Memorandum dated 31st Jan,2019 related to TDS    

Rejected list of applications with reasons for LDA CUM COMPUTER ASSISTANT    

Recruitment of LDA CUM COMPUTER ASSISTANT Advertisement and Addendum    

Notification on Rate of Tax on Sales of alcoholic liquor for CSD    

Office Memorandum on Supply of goods or service or both supplied by without GSTN No   

Advisory for Issue of Tax invoice under GST    

The Nagaland Gazette extraordinary dated jun24,2020