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Invalid and Obsolete Online C Form dated 29th April,2015      new

Invalid and Obsolete Online C Form dated 17th April,2015      new

Circular on Cancellation of e-CST Forms       new

Change in Rate of Tax for Diesel & Petrol and other Motor spirit under Petroleum Tax Act       new

Office Order dated 17th Sept,2014 on Mandatory Use of Forms for Petroleum Dealers       new

Nagaland Professions,Trades,Callings and Employment Taxation (1st Amendment) Rules,2013      new

Nagaland Professionals,Trades,Calling and Employment Taxation (4th Amendment) Act ,2012     

Notification Regarding Tax administration of Dimapur and Kohima District dated 27th May,2014      new

Office Order on Modification or Changes in Online Forms       new

Gazette Notification on Amednment in VAT Schedule IV(Deletion of Entry no 351) dated December 2 ,2013       new

New Entry named "Spare Parts of Motor Vehicle" in VAT Schedule IV-Gazetee Notification      new

Gazette Notification on Nagaland Entry Tax Act,2013      new

Gazette Notification on Nagaland Entry Tax Rules,2013      new

Gazette Notification on Amendment of Nagaland Taxation Act,2013(Sale on Petroleum and products including motor spirits and lubricants)      new

Office Order to Stop Manual Issue of VAT23 and C form     

Gazette Notification on Works Contract and Tobacco     

Gazette Notification on Revised Rate of Tax Under Amusement Tax      new

Offline issuance of VAT 23 and C form      

Dealer Facilitation Centers     

Deduction of 1% TAX on MP / MLA LADP fund-reg     

Nagaland Gazette on Amendment in VAT Return dated 30 august 2012     

Compulsory filing of Online Return for dealer having Turnover more than 40 Lakhs      new